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Getting started with sourdough: what tools do I need?

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For the beginner sourdough baker, most of the tools can already be found a

round the kitchen. For the DoughItYourself class, this is the list I would recommend:

  • Kitchen electronic Scale

  • Starter: Medium size 2 cup-container with a lid (glass or plastic). 2 identical containers if possible or Glass jar (optional).

  • Mixing water and checking the dough temperature: Food thermometer

  • Mixing: Large bowl (mix 5 pounds/1kg of flour), transparent if possible.

  • Shaping: Bench knife

  • Shaping: a large Kitchen cutting/pastry board

  • Proofing: Medium size bowls and a kitchen towel or Banneton (optional).

And of course, let's not forget about the ingredients: Flour: whole wheat + white + rye (optional), filtered water and salt. If you sign up for the class, we will have a specific session to discuss about flour.

Another optional yet very useful tool to regulate the temperature for your starter and dough during bulk fermentation is a proofing box. I've been using a foldeable model from Brod and Taylor for over a year now, and I have been quite happy with this purchase.

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