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Old world traditions with a modern touch

Combining the traditions of french bread making with a simple and accessible approach, I am excited to share the creativity, health benefits and fulfillment of sourdough bread making.

From the bakeries of France to the foodie experience of California, it's been a journey both in geography and in personal learning. I was Initially drawn to the craft of bread making after relocating to the US and facing tough choices: what happened to my corner bakery? My passion was born of scarcity. After discussing with several friends about my options, I started making bread using commercial yeast and a bread machine. Then I ran across a devoted follower of Tartine bakery in San Francisco who convinced me to explore sourdough. There was no turning back.

Following the "no-knead" approach, and blending in a "French touch", I eventually came to the point where I wanted to share with others not only the delicious loaves but also how to bake them from scratch.

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